Weekend Wanderer

Seeking: Rocky Statue. Finding: A Real Man.

I honestly didn’t think I was asking for a lot.

I had very few goals regarding Philly: Liberty Bell, Cheesesteaks, Rocky Statue. Who knew that it would be so difficult to check off that last thing?


To say I was excited to head to Philadelphia was an understatement: The Cheesesteaks, the history, the pizza, the Dunkin….sorry, I have a bit of a one-track stomach mind.

One of the things I wanted to see (oddly enough), was the Rocky Statue at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Have I ever watched a Rocky movie? No. But you bet your boots I wanted to run those stairs singing “The Eye of the Tiger!”

Just remember this reader: Be a “Tourist.” Just because everyone else has seen it/done it/run the stairs doesn’t mean YOU have. Too much of life is spent in judgmental disdain – don’t let that petty fear keep you from awesome experiences!

It’s like the time my Dad made us ride those tourist bikes that look like cars:

Just take a look at this bad boy - not embarrassing at all.

Just take a look at this bad boy – not embarrassing at all.

Speaking of my dad, this is where I found the real man (Gotcha!). This was important to me, therefore it was important to him – no matter how late, or how far, or how bad the traffic/GPS directions.

He is the man who taught me to have silly adventures and not to give up so quickly, as I’m prone to do. I cannot count the number of projects or dreams that my dad turned into a reality for me, but why do that, when I have proof?

Rocky Balboa, in the bronze!

After many hours we found him – Rocky Balboa, in the bronze!

He’s a man who provides, even the fun silly things. We ran those stairs like old pros, along with an intense, shouty workout group:


We casually joined the party…


And we earned one heck of a view from the top!

When I got to the top of those stairs, after all the turn arounds and missed directions, I felt like I had just won the fight.

Sometimes, little victories mean the most.

Photo on 2014-12-27 at 13.01 #3

Just in case I ever forget, Dad got me the T-shirt for Christmas. 🙂


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