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Accidental Aquarium Date.

Are you going to eat that?

As I forced a smile and passed the crab leg, I cursed this decision for the thousandth time.

Let’s rewind shall we?

It was a lovely, mostly jet-lag free first day. Misty and subdued perhaps, but a good day nonetheless. I’d seen the museums and walked my feet off, which is always a tradition for me, since I’m usually lost.

What better way to finish off this cold day than in the aquarium? For those who don’t know, I love aquariums, and fish (fun sidenote: my name means “A Ships Harbor”). The blue light, the slow magic of floating, the sheer grace of swimming things? It slows my overactive mind.


Sealife was in the same complex as a wax museum and a zoo…

I was ready for that sort of peace, but fate had other plans for me.

You know those awkward tourist photos some attractions make you take, where you have to pretend you are scared or pointing at whatever they Photoshop in later for only $50? That’s where it started.

He was friendly, cute, and Australian, so I smiled for the picture and moved through the aquarium. Only 10 minutes later, before the aquarium magic even began to sink in, he was by my side. Aquaboy wanted to hang out, which was actually flattering at first!


He yelled “IT’S DORI” so loud I couldn’t tell if he was genuinely excited, or if he was mocking. I snuck a quick pic despite the embarrassment, because…IT’S DORI!


I was prepared for the “I FOUND NEMO” wisecrack, so we didn’t stay long.

One. Hour. Later.

Think that’s a bit long to not be working? Don’t worry, he clocked out. Done for the day, but decided to give me a personal tour.


He’s not that cute anymore, and doesn’t know anything about fish. I found out his entire life history, and for the first time ever, left an aquarium more tense than when I entered. I couldn’t even enjoy my favorite big fish:


Don’t ask me what it is, but I fell in love with this big guy.


At least Aquaboy knew how to take tourist pictures.

As I hinted that I needed to leave and find supper, etc., he gallantly offered to walk me to the side with all the restaurants. Why couldn’t I shake him?

Before I knew what happened, we were sitting down to supper. Together.

Why was I so encouraging? This is mostly my fault, and all I can think of is the movie “Taken.” Curse you Hollywood. Paranoia is bad for conversation. Things got strained, and just when it couldn’t get stranger, he started eating off my plate and working in flirty innuendos.

At least we were right on the harbor! There was a sliver lining after all.

At least we were right on the harbor! There was a sliver lining after all.

By now it’s nighttime, and I’m certain it’s my last night alive. Ok, maybe that’s a bit far, but my nerves were frayed.

As if first dates weren’t bad enough without worrying you’ll be kidnapped because you are so clearly American, and alone. Also, I had 10% battery left on my blasted phone – never there for me when I need it.

I will give him credit, he did pay for the meal, but he also ate most of it. I had to ask him to point out the nearest train station, to which he replied he would walk me to….naturally.


I couldn’t help but think how lovely the walk would be with someone else. Anyone else really.

Just when it couldn’t get worse, he started “casually” mentioning his apartment around the corner. I have never in my life been so happy to see a train station. I politely declined exchanging mobiles and RAN through the turnstile to my platform.


Even the wrong company couldn’t ruin this beautiful view of Darling Harbor

Once safely on the train home, I had to laugh (shakily) at my spastic behavior. I don’t get out much. I think I’ll be less friendly tomorrow, even if the accents are amazing.

Go ahead, I laughed too 🙂



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  1. Lol that’s cute 🙂

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