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“You’re so brave!”

I heard this response so often as I prepared to leave on my big trip that it was practically drilled into me. Funny thing was, I didn’t feel brave.

My Brazil missions trip was out (I have a new job starting shortly!). My Australian vacation was in, and I didn’t have any time to plan.

I knew I had this rare time off between jobs, and I had to take advantage of it, and one thing I’ve always wanted to do is snorkel. What better place than the Great Barrier Reef?

Honestly, I wasn’t excited like everyone thinks. I was nervous, stressed, and just trying to finish up my job so I could move on with my life. There was no time to get excited, to dream, or most importantly, to plan.

The problem with planning a trip when you are also planning a move is that you have no time, no space to think. Packing a suitcase and packing up your life is chaotic to say the least, and unfortunately this trip became another task on my to-do list.

Before I knew it, I was on a plane, off to adventure without my adventurous spirit. What could go wrong?




WWW: Day 11 – Magic at the Monastery


Today’s quiet beginning laid the foundation for a crescendo into spontaneous greatness.

The morning was spent in pleasant preparations for, and execution of, a church BBQ. I love barbecues, but I’m unused to the Irish version (re: wet. and indoors).

While it was still great hanging out with the locals, I still missed that summer magic that sizzles with the heat of the grill.

To cheer us up, my good friends Jonathan and Andrew invited us out for ice cream.  “Follow us!” They said, in a casual way that disguised their true intent:

One Hour Later…


Welcome to our ice cream destination: Port Stewart, a seaside town. The seaside is, and will always be my favorite place, no matter what country I’m in.

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