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Golden Thread Goodbyes

“Better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.”

Is it true? Love tends to intensify things, especially pain.

This introspection all started because of a move, and a movie. The move was the first time I uprooted from my beloved family and small town, and it was more difficult than I imagined.

I’ve built a life there, with those people who know me best, so when it came time to leave it all behind I was devastated.

The movie was unexpected. I chose it out of idleness, hoping to avoid the hurt of losing so many relationships, only to watch the loss of life in an achingly sad way, and wonder what I’d do if I lost a loved one, or if I was the loved one lost.

Grief clarifies things, and puts the bigger picture back in perspective. 

That’s why I’ve been quiet about the Australia trip for a few days – it’s hard to write about Sunny Sydney when you are enjoying the bittersweet joy of realizing how much love you have in life, and how much more it hurts when it’s time to go.
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Secluded Saturday…and Sunday

4PM, Sunday.

Silence reigns, and it is golden. It’s not completely silent, but ambient noises like Clair De Lune on the radio hardly count as an intrusion.

My window is thrown open wide to catch the fragrance of fresh cut grass in the rain. It’s as if each breeze is transporting me to place of happy nostalgia that makes my chest ache.

The rain is getting stronger, making my coffee warmer and my dreams closer.

This rain brings back strong and happy memories of Ireland, my soul’s home. I long to stay in the peace of this moment forever. In the cleansing rain and expansive quiet where I finally have time to think, to capture that deep peace that eludes me throughout a busy week.

How often I long for more days like today, like yesterday, when the knot of stress squeezing my heart was broken in the soft, undemanding quiet.

My phone was completely gone, and the world continued to spin. 

I was gloriously unconnected, and at peace. It’s days like this that remind me of the truths of life. God hasn’t forgotten me, I’ve just not taken time to stop my busy life for a listen. When I did, I experienced peace like I haven’t felt for weeks.

My heart, now reminded of the truth, unfurled, loosed of its bonds of care. I felt all at once melted and rested, overwhelmed with the goodness of God. You see, He isn’t in the loud moments that take up most of our attention.

He is in the quiet moments that are hard to find, the moments that minister to a weary soul. 

Reader, I know I’ve been inconsistent these last few months with posting, and I can’t promise anything different for the future. Today is different, and I needed to share with you.

It’s not at all travel related, but in a sense, my soul has travelled to the heights of God’s love for me in a world that is too busy to care.

And that, my friends, has made all the difference.

Until next time,


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