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Hurry Up and Wait

Day One:

Rush to the airport, rush to my gate, rush to the next flight.

Now I sit in LAX, with that silly song stuck in my head (“hopped off the plane at LAX..”), watching everyone else rush by, and I have 10 hours before the flight to Sydney. All that running to sit here, in this humid, small wing that I’m trapped in, with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company.


It’s not as beautiful as it looks.

I realize now that this is just a continuation of the beginnings of this trip. I was rushing to fill free time and free flights before I started a new chapter in life. I was frantic to do something big before I had to “settle down.”

It seems as though sometimes we are so pressured to fill our lives with exciting things to escape the perception of a mundane existence. 

When did we forget that part of the adventure is the unexpected, quiet happiness in a slow-blooming friendship found only when you stay in one place long enough to invest in someone?

I’m not trying to be contradictory, since I love to travel and experience new things, but I do want to be honest along the way. Not every day of every trip will be magical. You’ll have bad days, homesickness, stress, nervous feelings, apathy, and confusion. They help highlight the best parts of your best days, so be thankful for them.

The sooner you can recognize and accept the bad days with the good, the sooner you can truly appreciate all facets of life. Even now, as I unwind from the stress of a few weeks, I thank God for this opportunity, this freedom to do one thing I’ve dreamed of for a long time.

I also appreciate the fact that there’s a coffee shop across the hall. Seriously, all this musing is giving me a headache.



WWW: Day 12 – A day of rest


What I love about Sundays..

This week has been so busy, and despite the lack of evidence in this journal, we really have been helping at the church every night with camp-style meetings.

There is nothing I love more than being able to teach the little ones about God – they understand so much more in their simple clarity than most jaded adults. Would that we all could hold onto that fresh innocence, that simple trust.

Today was a “catch up on sleep” kind of day after a Sunday service from Pastor Snode.


Pastor Snode chatting with Sarah during “tea and biscuits”

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