Weekend Wanderer

About Me

My name is Kelsea, and I live a quiet-but-busy life in a small town, not unlike many of my friends.

There is a certain charm to a small town, a closeness that can be at times both comforting and smothering, but it is here that I became who I am, and here where I learned to spread my mental borders when the physical ones constrained me.

I learned to love the written word through the power of authors like Charlotte Bronte and Willa Cather. In a small way, this blog is a way to give outlet to my passion for writing.

There are so many other things I love that I could share with you here, but I’ve pared the list down to a few of the most important things in my life:

People, the stories they tell, and my Lord who sacrificed His life so I could live. It is because of His story that I’m so affected by other stories of human existence – because God loved me first, I love those who touch my life.

I hope I can be completely transparent with you through my writings, by acknowledging my inconsistencies or failures along the way. I am by no means an expert on anything, but I would love to share some of my story with you as I live it, just another voice echoing the sentiments of my coworkers around the world.

I can’t end this glimpse into my life without mentioning one last major factor in my life: Family. They are really to credit for me becoming who I am, for showing me a faith that was based on a genuine relationship with a God they actually love.

Some days I shake my head in wonder when I think of what I’ve been given, how rare that family unit is that shows what it means to love, to struggle, to be honest, and to fight for what is right.

This blog is dedicated to my family. They support me every step of the way, and I couldn’t ask for anything better.


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