Weekend Wanderer

What is this Blog About?

 If you’ve made it this far, you are clearly wondering what this blog entails. Here’s the story:

It all started when I graduated with a four-year degree in business, jobless, but I determined not to let that get me down! I began writing this blog to chronicle my attempts to find a “post-college” job, and to offer advice from my personal experiences.

As my life has changed (i.e. I GOT A JOB), I tweaked the mission statement of this blog. I still wanted to offer advice for fresh-out-of-college-job-hunters (like this), but I also want to offer practical “in-office advice” from my workplace experience, for what it’s worth.

Fast Forward 1 year:

Blogging about work suddenly became more…WORK. I didn’t like it. I wouldn’t post for weeks at a time, and I hated that. It was during this time that I started taking more time to go on weekend trips, thanks to my job at Delta.

I had an epiphany: Why not write about what I’m really passionate about? Because let’s be honest, I’m not that passionate about being a receptionist.

And so, “The Weekend Wanderer” was born. I want to share a part of my life that I actually like talking about, not something I dread. Now you can come with me! Take adventures, even if it’s just vicariously through this blog, to places you haven’t been before!

Happy Reading!

Are you ready to adventure?


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